The Glow Up Collection

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The Glow Up Collection is one the most innovative products in the Buff Browz range. Super creamy and pigmented, our highlighter pencils can define, sharpen, and enrich any brow within seconds.

 Each highlighter comes with a sharpener to mould the core into a pointed tip.


Colours available:

Snowflake: Pinky nude with a red undertone.

Peachy: Darker, peachy nude with a yellow undertone.

Daydreaming: Light nude with a yellow undertone.

Sunshine: Darkest nude with a red undertone.



Top Tips:

Sharpen the highlighter between each client to ensure the highest hygiene standards.

Apply under the brow and blend in a downwards direction with one of the brushes from our Basic Brush Collection. Repeat the same process above the brow (blending upwards) to sharpen the entire brow.


Best Bought With:

The Glow Up Collection will produce unbelievable results when used alongside any of the brushes from the Basic Brush Collection.