GENUINE TAG #45 Gel 30g

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TAG #45 Clear Gel Topical Anesthetic helps to control swelling and is to be applied mid-procedure on broken skin. This product contains 4% lidocaine and epinephrine and ensures that your patients dont have to suffer at the end of a long procedure. Use with Machines and Microblading alike.

*There are so many counterfeit "fake" TAG #45 Gel on the market from Asia and Mexico and other countries (sold on ebay etc), that you can now determine if you have the REAL product. Bottles shipping now have a small sticker by hidden tag on each TAG #45 bottle.

1. Look for the small sticker on the top left corner of the TAG #45 label. It has 4 small black dots over the 4% inside the starburst.
2. Download the Hiddentag app on your smart phone
3. Open the Hiddentag app. Click on HIDDEN TAG SCAN. Position over 4 black dots over area with 4%.
4. The Photo below will come up if it is a GENUINE TAG #45 product.

If there is NO Hiddentag square of 4 dots, it is NOT Genuine TAG #45 Gel.