Fake Tattoo Skin 1pcs

Best Fake Tattoo Skin

Perfect for PMU Practice. fake tattoo practice skin 15*20cm rubber


  • Mimic the structural characteristics of human skin, the texture is soft and elastic, close to human skin.
  • Very suitable for beginners to practice before the real operation of the best supplies.
  • It can help technician, at any stage of their careers. Whether you want to experiment with a new method , or hone your techniques, this practice skin is perfect.
  • This piece is ideal because of it’s thin properties. Some practice skin is thick, giving the users a false sense of how deep they should actually push a needle into a clients skin.
  • Although thin, this skin will give you an accurate depiction of proper needle depth.

£ 3.60 Inc VAT

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Permanent Makeup Fake Tattoo Skin
This item: Fake Tattoo Skin 1pcs
£ 3.60 Inc VAT
£ 3.60 Inc VAT
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